We are currently on its planning stage of an exhibition in 2021 as a result of monumentED projects. More information coming in the new year.


We are organized a symposium at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines in November 2019.

monumentED Philippines

monumentED Philippines project took place in September 2019.

monumentED Osaka

monumentED Osaka project took place in June 2019. Sponsored by the Arts Council Osaka.

igkAs x R2:monumentED partnership 2019

igkAs x R2: monumentED partnership was made possible as performance art showcases at Bangan Project Space in Gapan, M Gallery and Kanto Gallery in Manila in September 2019.

Essay by Tessa Maria Guazon

Dr. Tessa maria Guazon, Assistant Professor, Art Studies, University of Philippines Diliman/Curator at Philippine Arts in Venice Biennale – PAVB accompanied monumentED at Lila Pilipina on September 22, 2019. Her short essay will be coming soon.

Essay by Yoshiya Makita

Reflection essay by Dr. Yoshiya Makita, Assistant Professor, Ritsumeikan University/Director of Network Trans-Section/Academic Advisor to Responding.

“tambay” by Dayang Yraola

Dr. Dayang Yraola, Assistant Professor and Director of University of Philippines Dilman Center for Ethnomusicology coodinated “Tambay” for monumentED participants on September 24, 2019.

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