igkAs x R2: monumentED partnership 2019

igkAs is a new live art platform in the Philippines, taken from Filipino word which can mean recoil, sudden movement, impulse, discharge or let loose suddenly. It can also mean a leap from the convention. Here we regard this as a platform for new experiments; the triangle as the predictable podium and the word igkAs as the projectile.

Performance Art at Kanto Gallery

Held on September 26, 2019


Performance Art at M Gallery

Held on September 21, 2019


A Visit and Performance Art at The Red House

Visited on September 20, 2019


Rice Field Performance Art at Bangan Project Space

Held on September 19, 2019


A Visit, Lecture and Performance Art at Juan R. Liwag Memorial High School

Visited on September 18, 2019.



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